Alt text in Search Engine Optimization
Alt text in Search Engine Optimization

Alt Text in Search Engine Optimization

Alt Text

Alt Text in search engine optimization is an HTML attribute define in images to provide alternative text for search engines. It is also known as alt description or alt attribute.

Define alt tags in images can increase your search engine rankings. Google and other search engines read the text in your images and they rank your post or page.

Choose the right format of files such as PNG, JPEG, and BMP. Reduce the file size of the image and your meta description is matches your image and make sure that alt text and image are relevant to your post.

There are many ways to add alt text but here we provide you how to add it through the YoastSEO plugin.

 In the First option, you write the alternative text, in the second option you write the title of the image then the caption, and in the last write description of the image.


Alt Text in YoastSEO

How Alt text help SEO

Using alt text in images can help you in SEO benefits and it also helps for better user experience and also contribute to SEO images.

Example of Alt text is : <img src=”mypic.png” alt=”my_picture” />

Properties of Good alt text in search engine optimization

Be Unique

Write unique alt text which has specific contents of the image. Do not repeat the content of keywords from other pages or posts and don’t use the target keyword in the alt tag for every image.

Be Relevant

Write relevant alt text in images that relate to the topic of the post or page and always use which describe exactly the image shown in the post or page.

Be Descript and Specific

Always write alt text that describes the contents in the image in as much detail as possible. Search engines will rank your post higher if you write the more specific alt text in images.

Keep it Short

Always write alt tag around 125 characters which define as per image so that search engines easily recognize it and rank higher.

Avoid keyword stuffing

If you write many keywords in alt text then google considers it as keyword stuffing which might get a penalty or banned the website. Write unique and descriptive alt text which includes the target keyword of your post or page.

Don’t use images as text

This is the less best practice of SEO in the alt text. If you use the image in place of the word then google and other search engines don’t recognize it because they can’t read the text in images, you must avoid using images in the alt text.

Example of Good Alt Text

Man working in laptop

Here is the example of Good Alt Text

Okay, alt text: <img src="laptop.png" alt="Laptop">

Better alt text: <img src="laptop.png" alt="Working in laptop">

Best alt text: <img src="laptop.png" alt="Man is working in laptop">

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