Black Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO – Search Engine Optimization Technique


Black hat SEO is a search engine optimization technique and it is a set of practices to increase a page or site rank in search engines.

It is not illegal but it does violate guidelines that are set by search engines. It is a good strategy going wrong.

This technique is risky to practice because google detected it sooner or later therefore the website will be penalized or banned. It is a technique that focuses only on search engines.

This technique is used by that user who is looking for quick results and financial return on their Web site.

Users did not spend long-term investment on their Web site because of this most users will ban from google. Do not use black hat SEO in search engine optimization.

Black Hat Strategies

Duplicate content

It is copied and paste content which user copied from different websites which exactly match each other.

Google and other search engine prefer unique content and it is one of the worst black hat techniques and it is a manipulation.

Invisible text

It is a technique in which people implement text and keywords on a white background therefore text is completely invisible to a user.

Search engines detect and index this and can penalize or banned the website.

Stuffed keyword

It is a technique in which users use the same keywords many times on one page to increase organic traffic.

Nowadays users cannot dodge search engines because they use different algorithms to check stuffed keywords.


Cloaking is a violation of Google Webmaster Guidelines and it is considered deceptive because when users trick google to get keywords and desired results then search engines serve people with irrelevant content.

Spam Comments

Spam Comments is a popular black hat technique and through this technique, users intended to create free backlinks.

There are several tools available to automatically generate spam comments. If your website is open for comment then you will receive spam comments.

If you approve of these comments then it will leave a negative impression on users.

They feel uncomfortable and it is also harmful to your website so carefully approve the comments.



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