Post and Pages
Difference between post and pages

Difference between Post and Pages in and

Difference between Post and Pages

WordPress provides two ways to publish content, Post and Pages. Review below the differences between posts and pages.


Post are timely blog posts and have a publish date and can create interaction. They have a timestamp and have categories.

Post-show up in RSS feeds and did not use custom templates. Post can use formats and did not support the hierarchical format and have author and publish date.

Most recent posts display at the top of the page and they are better for SEO and have to comment feature to allow users to enter comments.

In the post, there are two options

  • Categories

  • Tags

In WordPress Categories and tags help you organize your posts, therefore, it is easier for readers to find the relevant content which they are like and interested and they list all the blog which fit in category and tag.


Pages are static content which means that the information displayed on a page doesn’t change, or doesn’t change often. “About” and “Contact Us” is the great example of a page. Did not have categories and did not have RSS feeds and use custom templates and did not use formats and support the hierarchical format and did not create interaction.

Pages do not have author and publish date. Pages did not use tags and categories but pages are organized hierarchically. 


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