Grey Hat SEO
Grey Hat SEO

Grey Hat SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Grey Hat  SEO

Grey Hat SEO technique is a practice in which users use technically legal methods to improve website rankings. It is a practice that is disagreeable and ill-advised by search engines.

This is not ethically right to include in SEO strategies and provide good results to your website rankings and search engines will penalize this in the future depending on their algorithms.

But, if you use them the right way you’ll boost your ranking easily.

Here are 10 grey hat SEO tips that can take your website to number one ranking

Add Length to Your Old Content

If your content is less than 1000 words then you can add new content to your old post to generate traffics. You can generate traffic easily if your content is 2,000 or more.

Keyword Density

Choose the right keyword density in your content will increase your website ranking but if you write keywords many times in your content then it will hurt your search engine rankings.

Social Media Accounts

Create social media accounts for your website to improve your rankings because search engines also look at social pages.

Buying Expired Domains

It is one of the most popular grey hat techniques. In this strategy, you can buy an expired domain to generate your traffic and website backlinks.

Before buying an expired domain you must check that if search engines didn’t penalize this in the past and it is relevant to your niche.

Private Blogging Network (PBN)

If you use this technique right and create original content for relevant topics then it falls in the grey hat SEO technique but if you build your PBN using duplicate content and irrelevant backlinks then it falls in the black hat SEO technique.

Submitting Your Website to Web Directories

You can submit your website on web directories to receive high-quality and relevant free backlinks. First research the web directories that can generate high-quality backlinks.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Choose the best social bookmarking site when you submit your website links. It can help your rankings and SEO. The best way is to share your links once or twice on these sites.

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