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How to create and edit Home Page of a WordPress Website

HomePage of a WordPress Website

The homepage of a WordPress website is an introductory or main page. When a user enters your website by entering the domain name then this page appears.

If you have a business website then you should provide essential information to users about your business in an efficient way so that they can go to the other pages of your website.

WordPress displays blog posts by default on the homepage. If you have a business website then blog posts are not a good way to show on your business website.

Create Homepage of a Website in WordPress

There is built-in functionality in WordPress to create a home page. Go to Pages >> Add a New option in the WordPress dashboard to create a new one.

Enter ‘Home’ in the title, write your content about your business, select the logo and picture and publish it.

Select the HomePage as the default

After publishing the pages go to Settings >> Reading in the WordPress dashboard and select ‘A static page option and then select homepage and then press save changes button.

Home Page Settings

After selecting a static then select the home page in the post page option. This will show you the home page as default when users enter your website.

Home Page display

There are also many themes and plugins available in which you design good looking website homepage.

Select Blog page as default

You can also set your blog as the default page on your website. Go to  Settings >> Reading option and then select an option Your latest post and then enter a number in option Blog page shows at most as shown in below picture. This means how many posts are displayed per page.

Blog Page Setting

Two more options are also available Full Text and Summary. In full-text whole words of blog and image are shown and in summary, only a selected amount of words are shown which is easier for users to scroll and see more posts.


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