Title Tag
Title Tag

How to create perfect title tag in Search Engine Optimization

Title Tag

A title tag is an HTML element in which we define in the post or page.

It displayed as the clickable headline in search engine results. Visitors know through the title tag what is inside in this post or page.

Keep the length under 60 characters because Google and other search engines display 50- 60 characters of a title tag. It is the first impression for search engines and visitors.

Title tags and meta description works with each other. Use them in the meta description to adds more information about the page. Both give a brief idea that what is your content.

If your title is relevant to your post or page that it is both search engines and visitors will a sign of a good page. If your title is not optimized with your content then it will create a bad experience for visitors.


Title tag example


<head><title>Your Heading</title></head>

Characteristics of Good Title Tag

1. Length

If the title is too long then search engines cut it off and adding (“…”) an ellipsis and in this process, important words could omit and users did not see the full title. Keep them under 60 characters so search engines and users easily understand id. bluehost hosting

Do not use ALL CAPS because it takes more space and even Google omits several characters even you use fewer characters and it also hard for visitors to read and understand it.

2. Use Unique 

Always use a unique title on every page or post because it is easier for google and search engines to understand.

In the Yoast SEO plugin, you can easily define SEO titles that help to maintain the ranking of your website. the best web hosting in pakistan

3. SEO Keyword

Don’t use so many keywords in your title tag because search engines consider it keyword stuffing and creates a bad experience for users. Also, don’t use keyword repetition and the same keyword.

4. Write an attractive title

Write an attractive title that clicks visitors, who find your content through a search engine. Visitors must click it when they see an attractive heading.

Always think about the user experience and convey the message inaccurate and positive way.

5. Brand Recognition

If your brand is a well-known branch then you should add your brand name to your title tag.

Google and other search engines look at your title tag, if the brand is added then is quite possible that your post is at the top of the page and leads to more traffic.

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