Page Speed in SEO

How to check and increase your website page speed

What is Page Speed?

Page Speed is the time at which your page load. There are many factors including hosting server, image size, and page file size which could affect it.

It is either described as the time takes to display full content on a specific page or how long the browser takes to receive the information from the webserver.

Why Page Speed is important

It is important because faster, efficient, and well pages provide a better user experience. If a page takes 3 seconds or more to load then it is a bad experience to uses and they will not visit again on this page or website and also affects conversion rate. free web hosting in pakistan

There are several tools available in which you can check your website speed test.

Google Page Insights

It is an online tool by Google to identify your website performance and other issues. It also analyzes the accessibility and user experience of the website related to SEO.

You can evaluate your page by clicking Google PageSpeed Insights.

After clicking it, a new page appears in which you enter your URL and after few seconds it returns a result about your website performance and also returns two scores about your mobile and desktop version as shown in the below pictures.

Mobile Page Speed

Desktop Page Speed

Both Mobile and Desktop version has different scores.

Mobile Version

The first result of the page speed Insight Tool is the mobile version. As per the above picture, the score is different from the desktop version because the mobile version website tested on different mobile and connections of 4G and 3G.

If you have a responsive design then it is an identical and most common speed in the mobile version. bule host professional hosting support 

Desktop Version

The score is higher in the desktop version because the speed of the connection is better than the mobile version and the page insight tool tested both versions in a similar way but the connection speed is higher in the desktop version which may affect the result.

How to increase Page speed

Optimize Media File

Reduce the size of your images and video. If users upload the media file without realizing the size and upload it then it considerably slows the speed of your website, especially for mobile users.

Multiple landing pages

Page speed is slow if you have more than a landing page. Additional HTTP request-response is generated from redirect requests.

You should minimize the number of redirects to increase your page response time.

Enable Gzip compression

Gzip is a file compression software to compress the size of files on your website such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to increase the speed.

Server response time

There are many factors that slow down the response of the server this includes insufficient memory, slow routing, slow database queries.

You should work with your hosting provider to increase page response time and reduce server response.


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