Website Audit

How to perform website audit to increase your rankings

Website Audit

A website audit is an analysis or checks the website’s performance to determine the factors on which your website is not visible in search engines and helps you improve your rankings.

It will help you how you can improve to increase the performance and how you achieve your traffic goals.

Why you need it

It is a most important measure to improve the visibility and efficiency of a website. You can know that why your website ranking is low and you can improve your ranking and increase the performance of your website.

It identifies the broken links or files and you also know that your website is fully optimized or not. You can perform a detailed audit or can perform a basic one according to your requirements.

Perform regular site audits even if your website generates traffic.

How to Audit a website for SEO

If your or your client’s website has many pages, it is difficult to perform a manual audit for SEO. Even if you have a small website then still a lot of work can do.

There are a lot of tools available through which you can perform audits easily. Below are some tools listed.

SEO Site Checkup
Raven tools


Select an Audit Tool:

In this article, we perform an audit through SeoQuake Tool. It is a powerful tool to check issues on websites.

Install SeoQuake and then it is shown below in your browser.


Press the SeoQuake icon and then the screen appears as shown below in which you can see your ranking of the website in different domains.

The next screen shows you the page info in which you can see your title, meta keywords, meta description, and how many internal and external links in your website.


You can scroll down on this page and then you see the keyword density of your keyword use in your website. The ideal keyword density is up to 5%.

Keyword Density

Diagnosis shows that what is the issue with your website. It shows three options Passed, Error, and Warnings with numbers that how many error and warnings in your website.

You can rectify your error and warnings as mention in the below pictures.


Audit Report:

If you audit a client website then you prepare the report which mentions the issues found during the audit. You can define the below points of each issue.




In the first point, you define that what is the issue, in the next point you define the importance and in the last point, you define that what is the solution.

If you prepare the report in the above format then it is easily understood.




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