Website Backup

How to take backup of WordPress Website

What is Backup

A backup is a copy of important data which is store in an alternative location that can restore in the future if your original data is corrupted. Through this activity, you can save your important data.

All websites on the internet have a high probability of data loss and hacking. If your website is hacked then you lose all of your data. Also, there are many other reasons in which you lost all of your important content.

How to back up Website WordPress?

Webhosting provides the option to backup your website. You can also backup your website by login into your Cpanel. There are a lot of plugins available through which you can easily take website backup. In this article, we discuss that how can we copy our data through the Updraft plugin. If you did not know that what is plugin then click here.

UpDraft Plugin

Updraft is the most trusted, popular, and highest-ranking plugin in the world. It is easy to use and quickly set up. You can backup your website directly into the cloud location as per the below image.

The first step is to add an updraft plugin and then install it on your website.

Install Updraft

After installing you need to go to UpdraftPlus->Setting and set you to schedule your data. There are two options available

  • Files Schedule
  • Database Schedule

Schedule Option

Files schedule includes themes, plugins, images, videos, and other uploads. Database schedule includes your content which is stored in a database.  You can select the below options from drop-down menus.

  • Manual
  • 2 Hours
  • 4 Hours
  • 8 Hours
  • 12 Hours
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly

You can select one of the above options as to how you add new content to your website.

For example, If you add three blog posts each week, then you can select a weekly backup of files and database.

The next step is to select the remote location on which you store your backup. If you store your backup on the same location of your website then you lose all your data if your website is corrupt or hacked.

Remote location

Select any one remote location then follow the steps. Every time your backup will store in your selected remote location.

You can also take backup manually from updraft plus. Select settings and then select Backup Now. Updraft will create a copy of your website.

Manuall Backup


Website backup is an important activity because from this activity if you lose your data you can easily recover it, handle the complex issues after a new installation, resolve malware infections and recover your data if your website is hacked.



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