How to write blog
How to write blog

How to write an effective blog post in 2021

How to write an effective blog post in 2021

Writing a blog post is difficult for new content writers but if you write content which divided into headings and points then it is easy for you and also easy for readers to read this. Below are the points through which you can write effective content.

Identify the Problem

Identify the problem that your target audience needs to solve. You can use the tools like Quora, Reddit, and Ubersuggest which identify that what people are asking and that will tell you, what is the problem many people face. You see lot of problems that people are talking about in Quora. This gives you ideat that what you should be written in your blog post.

Keyword Research

Go to Google keyword tool, Ubersuggest, and moz then type in some keywords related to your niche and then there are many suggestions in result.

Choose best suitable keyword and creating a content. If there are more than one keyword that related your content then all keyword include in blog post.

Analyze your competitor

Analayze your competitor and visit their website. See that they written long blog post or short blog post? What are heading and subheadings and keywords are written in headings. Are they solve the problems or talking about the problems. Type their URL in keyword tracker websites such as google search console and ubersuggets and check that what keywords they rank and what are their popular posts.

Check Statistics

This can help you to write your post in great framwork. You can check google Scholar in which many data points and stats are available.

Create the attractive headline

80% percent of people first see headlines. If headlines are attractive than they crawl rest of the content. Headline make it easier for user that what is inside your article so heading play very important role for your articles.

Write Content related to your heading.

After heading write the content which related to your title and heading. First write introdution paragraph. Then write the subheading which cover the points of your title and in the end write a conclusion which is the summary of your post.

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