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Most Popular SEO Glossary Terms for Beginners

Most Popular SEO Glossary Terms for Beginners

This blog post deals with the most popular SEO glossary terms for beginners. There are a lot of glossary terms. But here we discuss the popular ones.

Glossary Terms


It is also called alternative text or Alt descript and it is used to describe the name and description of images. As Search engines only know text therefore it is necessary to define the proper name through which search engines identify the images.


It is a system for analyzing data statistics for your website. Analytics is used for website traffic, user’s location, post reach, and site goals. There are many analytics software available but Google Analytics is the standard and most widely used software.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is clickable or colored text. When you click on this text it directs you to another webpage. It is a relevant text and keyword of the linked page.


Backlinks are also known as incoming links. Backlinks are clickable links. If someone sets up an anchor text and defines a link to your site on their website, this link is called a backlink.

Bounce Rate

The percentage of people who enter your website and then click any link on your site is called bounce rate. A higher bounce rate is bad. The good bounce rate is below 40%. Search engines calculate the bounce rate % through predefined algorithms.

Broken Link

The links which are clickable but do not open are broken links and lead you to an error 404 pages. This error occurs when the webpage does not exist or the URL is incorrect.

Black Hat SEO

It is an illegal practice in SEO. In black hat SEO, you manipulate or misguide search engines so that you can achieve higher rankings in search results.


It is a type of business in which products or services are sold to other businesses.


It is a type of business in which products or services are sold to consumers.

Call to Action

It is a phrase or word which urges people to buy a service or product.

Click-Through Rate

Click-through rate is a ratio of clicks and impressions. It measures how many people click on the link in the anchor text.

Conversion Rate

It is a goal people set for their websites. It measures the conversion of goals people complete on a website. In an e-commerce site, the goal is to sell products and if a user buys then it is a conversion rate.

DoFollow Link

In the do-follow link, Google crawls the hyperlinked website.

Duplicate Content

It is a copied content that is not original or not unique. Google and other search engines not rank to this content.

Domain Name

It is an address of a Website. It is unique and opens a particular website. If you did not know the domain name then you did not access the website.

E-Commerce Site:

It is a website where buying and selling of online products perform.

External Link:

When users click the anchor text it redirects users to another website.

Follow Link:

It is a link that allows Google to crawl the linked sites.

Featured Snippet

In this feature, google shows the relevant text in the paragraph, table, bullet, and video format at the top of the page.

Guest Post

In guest, posting users post an article on a third-party website for more traffic and backlinks.

Google Search Console

This is an important term. It audits and tracks the performance of a website.

Grey Hat SEO

It is illegal in SEO and a combination of white hat and black hat.

Header Tags

Header tags are heading which use in content. These tags are range from H1 to H6 to format your headings in different shapes.


HTML is a programming language that formats the structure of the website. It is an acronym for HyperText Markup Language.

Internal Linking

Linking of one page to another page of the same website


Google index your website in search result page when a bot scans your website.


The keyword is a phrase that people write in the search bar and the search engines provide the result against this query. It is two or more than two words.

Keyword Stuffing

When a keyword is using many times in one paragraph or in entire content then it is called keyword stuffing.

Long-Tail Keyword

These are easier to rank and are longer in length and more precise. It has a good conversion rate.

Lead Generation

Through lead generation, we know that which people are interested in our services and product and also contact them for future dealing.

Meta Description

It is a description that describes about the content of the page. It shows below the title and URL in search results.

NoFollow Link

It is a clickable link with “nofollow” is written in code with a tag. The crawler does not scan the link in which nofollow is written.

Organic Search Result

When anyone visits your website through search results then it is called organic search results.


It is a Pay-per-click in which traffic is generated to your website by running an online advertisement. The advertiser pays for it when any user clicks on this ad.


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