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SEO Techniques On-page refers to the source code and content of a page. It is the process in which we optimize web pages in order to rank higher in search engines and SEO On-page ranking factors are those factors which we control anything in a website e.g. title, content, and layout.

Through this, service search engines understand the content of the website therefore we can’t ignore On-Page because we have more control when optimizing the contents.

Title Tag, that exists in the head section and adding images is a good way for this technique.  By adding images we make our web pages more appealing.

There are many freelancers who offer different On-Page Seo Services, On-Page Seo, and Off-Page Seo Services to improve the rank of websites.

Page-Level Factors:

Importance of Language in Content

Below thing are in consideration when writing

1. Grammar

If our grammar is not written and our sentence is not proper then the audience realizes that there is a grammar mistake then they leave our website.

2. Spelling

Spelling is an important factor in our website and if there is spelling mistake in our website hen it gave a negative impression

3. Quality

Quality is also important and if our content is important then more audiences visit our website and they provide good comments and many audiences first read the comments and then read our text.

Dividing Content into Sections

Always divide content into different sections therefore if you add lengthy content then the user will be bored and put pressure on their eyes and they leave your website without reading the complete text.

If a user sees that your text is divide into sections and there are headings, images and table of contents then the user will not bored and they read the complete text.

If our website is lengthy and divides into sections then still users did not leave your website.

Alt Text for Images:

Google uses alt tags to optimize images. Better written alt tags will rank better your page in search engines. Google read the alt tag written in HTML code.
e.g. <img src = “smiley.gif” alt=”smiley.gif” width = “37”. Write proper description, title and caption of images.

How to write better alt tags:

  • It is a bad experience if we do not write alt tags.
  • If we write alt tags and write so many keywords and then it is called keyword stuffing.
  • One keyword is better if we write alt tags.
  • If we write alt tags and use keywords in 3 words then it is the best option for google and rank higher.

Step by Step:

  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Focus on High-Commercialize Keywords
  • Integrate Essential On-page SEO Mechanical Elements
  • Add Cornerstone text
  • Improve the Title Tag and Description Meta tag
  • Keyword Choice and Keyword Selection Strategies.
  • Judiciously Integrate Different Keyword Types
  • Additional SEO Copy Writing.
  • Understand differences between Organic SEO – Local SEO and Technical SEO
  • Stylize the content
  • Add visual
  • Responsive web design

There are 11 on-page SEO techniques

  • SEO Images and other multimedia elements
  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Publish high-quality content
  • Comments and on-page SEO
  • Optimize page titles and meta descriptions
  • Headings and content formatting
  • Optimize page content
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • URL optimization
  • Page loading speed

On-Page Optimization Factors

  • Page-Level Factors
  • Image SEO
  • Site-Level Factors
  • Advance Content Optimization
  • Domain Factors
  • Advanced Factors



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