SEO Keyword Research
SEO Keyword Research

SEO Keyword Research – Why it is important


In SEO keyword research are an important part. We discover different words and phrases through this technique in which people visit a particular website which they type in search engine and thousands of website appears. There are four types.

Short Tail:

The short tail is made up of three words. Search results are very high volume because they refer to broad topics e.g Mobile Phones, Google Maps, and New books.

Long Tail:

Long-tail is longer and more specific and has less traffic. This is a great SEO tactic and more commonly used because they are unique and rank highly in search engines and also attract more traffic to the website.


Short tails are also known as broad because they have no specific meanings.


Long-tail is also called specific because they have specific meanings. e.g. mobile phone prices in Karachi.

Why SEO Keyword Research is important:

We improve the ranking of our website and Create useful content so that users can increase time on our website so the right people can visit our website.

We know our audience and we create unique content and we can come up with new ideas therefore more users visit and your website rank higher.

There are many Keyword Generator Tools. Below are the top best free tools.

Google Planner
Wordtracker Scout
WordStream Tool




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