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Step by Step Guide to Install WordPress Plugin

Step by Step guide to Install WordPress Plugin

A plugin is a software or app that controls the functionality of a website you can add different functions to your website. In this article, we discuss that how to install the WordPress plugin.

There are thousands of plugins available which include free and paid. If your website is built in WordPress then you should it.

Installation process through WordPress Dashboard

This is the easiest method. The first step is to log in to your dashboard then go to Plugin -> Add New option.

Add New Plugin

As per the below image, different plugins will appear on the screen. Find it by typing the name. You will see the list as per the below image. You can also select it from the Featured, Popular, Recommend, and Favourite options.

Plugin List

Select your required software and then click the Install Now button. After the above process is complete then activates it.

Install Plugin

After successful activation configures it through the setting option.

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