Featured Snippets

What are Featured Snippets and how to optimize in google

What are Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are selected search or pieces of information results that are featured on top of Google’s organic results. When user searching for information, google provide the answers by showing relevant content that rank page number one.

It is a simple and quick response to user queries. You did not need to create featured snippets because google pulls content from a webpage directly which is found in its index.

Types of Featured Snippets

There are three types 

  • Paragraph
  • Bullet
  • Tables
  • Videos
  • Numbered


In this type, google featured snippets to give an answer with a brief and practical definition in paragraph style. In some searches, the resulting image is also included. Below is an image with an example of a paragraph featured snippet.

Paragraph Featured Snippet
Paragraph Featured Snippet


In bullet type google shows results in list format. It is ordered or unordered and the result is shown in a bulleted list. Below is an example of a list featured snippet.

List Featured Snippet


In this type, results are shown in a table format for different types of comparisons. Google shows a large percentage of data in this format. Here’s an image with an example of a table featured snippet.



If an answer to a user’s query is in a video format then google also uses this format to show the data. How to queries is useful for this type of format. If the user uses how-to in queries then this type of format is useful for “how-to” queries.

Below is an example of a video snippet.

Video featured snippet


It is a common type of list and is similar to bulleted lists. The only difference is that numbers appear instead of bullets. In this type, results are shown when you enter steps in the search results. For example “How to start a blog in 6 steps”, “Steps for changing a car tire”.

Number Featured Snippet

Why Featured Snippets are important

It is important because results appear on top of the page and provide the searchers to view your page with more visibility and increase the traffic to your website. It also represents an additional SERP feature to secure your website. 

In January 2021, Google launched a “featured snippet deduplication” update. In this update, there are 10 featured snippet listings instead of 11 organic listings.


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