Backlinks in SEO
Backlinks in SEO

Back link and its type in Search Engine Optimization


What is Back Link in Search Engine Optimization

Backlink in search engine optimization is incoming links that come from another website to yours. If your post has a higher number of backlinks then Google and other search engine rank your post higher.

Backlinks are votes from other websites and search engines consider content is valuable through these votes.

It is the heart of Offpage SEO. If backlinks on your website are from high-quality and popular sites then search engines consider it higher.

If the backlink in search engine optimization comes from a quality or high domain website and this website is highly rank by other search engines then this is a good backlink.

Building Backlinks

You can also create or build backlinks by reaching out to editors, bloggers, and other site owners and ask them to link your page. Below are a few methods.

1. Guest Blogging:

You can offer or write to another website.

2. Skyscraper Technique:

Search relevant content that has many links, better content, and then ask them to link your website.

3. Broken Link Building:

Search relevant dead links on other websites and then ask them to replace this with your active links.

Types of Backlinks:

Let’s look at the backlinks type that you should know.

1. NoFollow Link:

Search engines ignore the Nofollow tag. These are not useful for the ranking of a page and aren’t helpful in improving your website ranking.

Example: <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>

2. DoFollow Links:

DoFollow coming from a reputable website and everyone wants this type. Through these links, your website ranking will improve in search engines.

Example: <a href=””

3. Link Juice:

When another website links to your post or page then it passes link juice. This will help for
higher ranking and improve the domain authority.

4. Internal Links:

Internal links are those link which comes from one post/page to another within your domain and it is also called interlinking.


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