What is Blogging and how to create a blogs

What is Blogging

A blog is a website in which bloggers share their thoughts on particular or different topics in written format. Many bloggers also share their personal thoughts and add they directly communicate with users through comments. Blogging is an alternative career or a job.

A blog is an information website or online journal where people share their thoughts online

Who is Blogger

A blogger is someone who manages and runs and controls a blog. He or she shares his knowledge on different topics. 

Purpose of a Blog

There are many purposes. The main purpose is to target a relevant audience. If you have a business you can start a blog to market your products and services and also for your personal use. 

Popular Blog Websites

There are many websites are available but here we listed the popular websites which peoples follow and gain valuable information.

How to Start

Follow the below steps and create your own blog website.

Select your Niche 

Niche is a specific topic or area in which you are expertise and you can easily write about this topic. You can expertise in your niche and easily answers the questions which users ask in your comment section.

Important tips 

  • Select a niche in which you interested and write blogs regularly. You have rich knowledge and keep learning.
  • Your blogs will look different from other competitors.
  • Monetize your niche and earn money.

Select Blogging Platform

There are many platforms are available but before select any platform, you can visit the below sites and then select on which platform you can start your blog.

  • Blogger
  • Wix
  • Tumblr
  • Pagekit

If you are a new user then WordPress and are easy to use.

Choose Domain Name

Domain Name is your website name. There are many websites that offer a domain name at different prices. Choose a domain name that matches your niche. You can also see other websites of your niche and see that what is their domain name.

Select Webhosting account

You need a web hosting account in which you create your website. Choose a popular web hosting company that is reliable and your website will online 24/7 service. Many websites offer domain and web hosting in one place. 

Start Your Blog

After choosing a domain name and web hosting next step is to create your blog website. Choose a suitable platform that we discuss earlier and create your website.

Also, check the below link for

Step by Step Guide to Create WordPress Website

Publish Your Website

The next step is to publish your website, choose a suitable theme and install require plugins according to the need of your website. After this create your website and publish it.

Check the below link for theme and plugins

What are Plugins in WordPress

What is Theme in WordPress

The last step is to monetize your website and earn money. Also, promote your website on the different social media platforms to increase your traffic.


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