Domain Authority

What is Domain Authority and how to increase it

What is Domain Authority 

Domain Authority (DA) is a number of backlinks that links to your website.

DA is a search engine ranking score created by Moz which helps to figure out website rank on search engine results pages (SERPS).

It is calculated through a number of total links and linking root domains into a single DA score.

This score tracks the ranking strength and compares the website. DA scores range from one to 100, higher scores are a greater likelihood of ranking.

The more your website has backlinks, the better your chances are increasing in DA.

DA is not used by Google in their ranking but a correlation was found by Ahrefs between SERP ranking and DA. In this study, Ahrefs suggest that DA may be a valuable metric to receive organic traffic from google.

If you want to grow your SEO rankings then use a domain authority strategy. But it can take a time to develop DA, if you don’t see results straight away then don’t worry.

What is a Good Domain Authority Score?

The score range of DA is range from 1 to 100. The DA authority of the new website is one. If you have a small business site with fewer inbound links then you have a low DA score. If you have a website with a greater DA score, you will see increased SERP rankings and web traffic.

You can measure your website with other similar sites to increase your DA score. Your DA can go up and down over time.

How Can You Raise Your Domain Authority Score?

It is a long-term process, and there are several ways to raise your DA score

Conducting a link audit involves that links to your website are valid it does not have black-hat SEO tactics.

There are several tools to check your domain score but I suggest you use Ubersuggest to check the current number of backlinks, and get insight into your domain score and referring domains.

Backlinks affect your DA score and SEO rankings. Make sure that the website where links are coming from your website is a google index and their DA score is high.


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