Perfect Domain Name

What is Domain Name and how to choose perfect name for SEO


Domain Name

A domain name is the unique name of the website or internet address of the website.

A domain name is an important part of your website and it is important to choose the domain name that matches your blog, business, or brand.

If you have a business then it should match with your business name.

Characteristics of Good Domain Name:

Keep it as short as possible and consists of no longer than three words.

If it is longer than three words then it is difficult to remember it and users did not visit your site again.

Use the name that easily remembers and easily spells. Do not use hyphens and numbers. Use broad keywords. which helps in your SEO ranking.

Always use the .com extension. Use a descriptive name so people understand that what your site is before entering it.

For example, if your website is about cooking then use which tells people what your website is.

Use a brand name for example if your website is about clothes then use



Domain Name


The first part is called a protocol. A protocol is a set of methods for transferring or exchanging data. Websites use two types of protocols.

HTTPS (secure version)

HTTP (unsecure version)


A subdomain is added before the root domain and it is separated with a period. The common subdomain is: bluehosting unlimited hosting in Pakistan (www is the subdomain) (has no subdomain)

Another example is “” which has the subdomain “example”.

Root domain

The root domain is the combination of the domain name and top-level domain which creates a website address.

It is the highest page in your site hierarchy. All the post pages on the website have the same root domain.

Examples are:


Top-level domain

Top-level domain (TLD) is the suffice which appears after the domain name.

There are thousands of TLD which you can use. Most TLDs are associated with countries e.g .pk (Pakistan), .uk (United Kingdom), .dk (Denmark), etc.

These TLDs associated with countries are also known as country code top-level domains (ccTLDs). blue hosting

The most popular TLDs are





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