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What is Google Analytics and how to install it in website

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool in which you monitor and analyze your website traffic.

There are many tools available to analyze web traffic but Google Analytics is one of the popular tools.

You can track your audience’s country and their experience and behavior.

It helps you to check who your visitors are, from which country they come from, which page they visited, which is your popular post or page, and how long visitors staying on your site.

You can know the clear insight of your website traffic through this tool and know how to improve the content and performance and also know your target audience.

From this result, you can modify your website to improve and maximize your conversion rate.

How to Use

Google account is required to sign in. If you do not have an account then create one. Otherwise, create a new account.

After sign in now, you can access Google Analytics and create your account. 

The below screen appears when you sign in with your account.

Google Analytics

After that, you will be asked to provide a website name. You can use anything like your personal name or business name.

Website Name

Click on the Next button, once you entered this information.

The terms and services screen appears and you must click on the ‘I Agree’ button to proceed. 

The tracking code screen will appear in the next step.

Enter this tracking code on your website depending on the method you use.

After completing all the steps below screen will appear. 


Install Google Analytics through WordPress Plugin

There are different methods available to configure this in WordPress. The most popular plugins are : 

Metrics Query
Site Kit by Google

You can use any of these plugins according to your need and use.


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