Shadow Ban

What is Shadowban and which sites use it

What is Shadowban

Shadowban occurs when your activity or posts does not make viewable to other users and you didn’t receive an official ban. Users have no idea about this because users can see their own content in most cases.

In general, users were unaware that their social media content is blocked through shadowbanning.

If you are hit by shadowbans, your growth rate is negative and leads to a stagnation of your social media account, and your visibility will be reduced dramatically.

Which Sites Use Shadowban

In this section, we will talk about that which sites use shadowbans.

Shadowban has been reported on social media sites and apps like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, etc.

There are four types:

  • Username or hashtag are not shown in search suggestions.
  • Decrease in the engagement of followers.
  • Block certain features e.g replies and likes.
  • A temporary ban of an unspecified time and then reverts to normal.

Twitter Shadowbanning

Twitter claimed that they don’t deliberately ban people’s content to everyone except the user who posted it, and they don’t shadowban based on ideology.

How to Avoid a Shadowban on Twitter

Below are the points that Twitter list to avoid

  • Upload a profile picture and confirm your email address.
  • Post interesting and useful posts.
  • Don’t be overly promotional and spam people.
  • If you’re selling a service or product then don’t post too much.
  • Avoid too many confrontational and online arguments in your comments and posts.

What to do if you’re Shadowbanned on Twitter

Nobody is sure that they were shadowbanned on Twitter, however, try the below steps

  • Logout of Twitter
  • Type // in incognito browser
  • Search your username
  • If your user name appears then you are not shadowbanned.

If Twitter still reducing the reach of your tweets and there is a drastic reduction of impressions in Twitter analytics then your reach has been limited.

Avoid post content that is against Twitter’s term and services which result in to increase in impressions after a few days.

Shadow ban on Instagram

You work hard on Instagram to build followers. After this hard work, you will be frustrated when your posts are not showing in Instagram due to being shadowbanned.

“Shadowbanning is not a thing” was claimed by the CEO of Instagram but it is not true.

Instagram removes the below content:

  • Inappropriate Content
  • Penalize Content
  • Sexually suggestive Content
  • Spammy Content
  • Illegal activity Content



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