What is Slider and how they are work


Slider is used for a slideshow on the website. They are most commonly used on professional portfolios or business websites.

There are a lot of plugins are available through which you can create different sliders and add them to your website home page and landing pages or anywhere on your website.

How Sliders work

Sliders can run automatically by moving it on predefined time intervals. Users can also click or swipe to view the next or previous slides.

Some of them have also buttons or thumbnails through which users can click to view a particular slide.

Website owners can place their important content, images, and videos in an appealing and interactive way in a slider at the top of the page.

In this way, users can easily see the highlights that what is inside the website.


You can show your products on your homepage, when users enter your website they can see your products on the homepage which attracts them to click and see the details.

They are visually appealing and capture the attention of users by displaying interesting and informative content which forces users to stick around and come again to your website.

You can display important information by shown your important projects or work if you have a portfolio website. Or you can display your services if you have a business website.

Testimonials can also be shown and it is powerful in proving to users that they visit the right website and this website offers the right services and products.


The main disadvantage is that they usually load content, images, and videos. Which slows down your website performance and page load speed.

If your website theme is responsive and if you use a non-responsive slider then it will break the layout on different devices and also affect screen sizes.


Always use the responsive slider plugin which is capable of adjusting your website on any device. And adjust your content, images, and videos in any screen size. In this way, you can improve your website ranking and traffic. 


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