WordPress - Content Management System
WordPress - Content Management System

WordPress – Content Management System


WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) and it is software for making websites. It started as a tool for blogs and it’s free & it is open source. It is simple and easy therefore it is used by more than 30% of the top 1 million websites.

WordPress is owned by the company AUTOMATTIC and it is mobile-ready and has themes. WordPress themes allow you to change the appearance of the website. 

Plugins help you to add different functionality. It can host media, forums, and stores and you can set up a blog, eCommerce store, and business website.

A CMS allows you to manage content. CMS is software that stores content and CMS is an engine of a website. CMS has a back-end and front-end.

The back-end is the area in which an administrator manages websites.

The front-end is the area in which users see the website.

CMS allows users to use templates. CMS usually has great SEO features and CMS has User Management Tools.

It gives us the opportunity to use Personal Blogs and we can build any blog, travel, eCommerce, business, online store, dropshipping, portfolio, community, online forum, and online board website and also we can build online store and we can build event website and we can build portfolio and community site.

WordPress comes in two versions.


It is a self-service hosting provided.


It is a self-hosted version and self-hosted is software which we download on a pc or laptop.

Installation and Hosting:

We did not install anything in .com and in.org we did the installation and purchase hosting.


The .org domain name is cheaper and we manage it easily but in .com domain is expensive and the user prefers .org because of this.

Storage Space:

Unlimited storage is available in .org but in .com there is limited storage.


In both versions of WordPress maintenance is done properly.

Making Money:

In .org we easily manage ads but in .com it is difficult to manage ads.

Flexibility and Theme Editing:

WordPress.com has flexibility and theme editing but .org is best for this point

Plugin Integrations:

We can manage security in .org but .com is best for security because it is a self-hosted version.


WordPress.org is best for this option.


We can easily manage SEO in .org but difficult in .com


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